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Pfizer Hit by Feds with Damning Testimony

An FDA advisory panel has “soundly rejected a plan” to offer Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine booster shots to most Americans in what represents a major blow to the multinational pharmaceutical company that saw profits soar through the COVID-19 pandemic.

The vote, held earlier today, was 16-2 against advising COVID-19 booster shots for Americans. Per the Associated Press, this also represents “a blow to the Biden administration’s” mass vaccination efforts.

“Members of the Food and Drug Administration panel of outside efforts voiced frustration that Pfizer had provided little data on safety of extra doses,” the report explained. They also “complained that data provided by the Israeli researchers about their booster campaign might not be suitable for predicting the U.S. experience.”

In Israel, the government – which solely allows the Pfizer vaccine in the country – has already instituted its first booster shot, bringing the total number of shots required for Israeli citizens up to three, and the country’s COVID-19 czar recently instructed the public to prepare for an eventual fourth dose. Israelis who refuse to cooperate with the COVID-19 vaccine schedule have their freedom of movement severely restricted, unless they can prove they have COVID-19 antibodies from a previous infection. Read more…

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