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Pfizer Vaccine Found to Wreck Male Fertility

A new study has concluded that male fertility is reduced for several months following Pfizer’s COVID-19 injection.

An Israeli study co-authored by seven doctors and which has undergone full peer review took samples from sperm donors to find that 75 to 120 days following the injection male sperm concentration reduced by 15.4%, while sperm sperm motility decreased by 22.1%.

Published June 17, 2022, the study analyzed samples from 37 sperm donors – aged between 21 and 30 – starting prior to receiving a Pfizer COVID-19 shot and finishing some five months later. The time periods of the samples taken were:

The study wrote that while “no significant change” in sperm concentration or motility was found at T1 (15 to 45 days post injection), the sperm concentration was “significantly lower” in samples taken at testing period T2. Read more…

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