Philadelphia mayor warns residents it may take days to count mail-in ballots

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, a Democrat, warned residents in his city that counting the mail-in ballots “will easily take several days” after Election Day, which increases the possibility that it could be a while before the election is settled.

Pennsylvania has been seen as one of the most pivotal states in the election. President Trump hopes to attract a massive surge in voters from outside Philadelphia and its suburbs in order to offset the highly Democrat city. Kenney’s announcement could open the possibility that Trump opens up a massive lead going into Nov. 4, but could see that advantage evaporate as the vote from the city gets tallied.

Kenney’s letter was also signed by Lisa Deeley, the chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners, and it assured voters in the city that the “process and procedures favor no party or group.” They said that staffers are not allowed to start counting the mail-in ballots until Election Day.

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