Planned Parenthood and Satanists Team Up to Promote Abortion

The state of Missouri has in recent years followed a path similar to Texas in passing narrowly-tailored regulations on abortion clinics in the state which has forced all but one clinic to close its doors.

But as you might have guessed, a liberal federal judge has invalidated many of the regulations, which allowed for more clinics to open up in the state, doubling the number of abortions performed.

And the credit for that reversal is being assumed by a joint effort of Planned Parenthood and adherents to the Missouri Satanic temple.

Both worked in tandem to argue n the court that constitutional rights were being violated by the state in its enforcing hospital health standards in abortion clinics.

This week Planned Parenthood announced more expansion clinics are in the works, and the Satanists are standing firm in their chief tenet that “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.”

Apparently that applies only to some-‘one’ outside the womb.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Missouri has reportedly doubled its abortion capacity this year “thanks to the Satanic Temple and Planned Parenthood,” who have worked in tandem to fight the state’s restrictions on abortion.

With some of the most clearly defined regulations on abortion in the nation, Missouri had managed to lower the number of abortion facilities to a single clinic, but a second Missouri clinic opened its doors recently and two others plan on following soon.

Planned Parenthood has battled against state regulations requiring abortion clinics to meet the same surgical center standards as full hospitals and for their doctors to have hospital privileges, and in April a federal court sided with the abortion giant.

U.S. District Judge Howard Sachs granted a preliminary injunction invalidating requirements for the state’s abortion clinics to meet standards for surgical centers and for their doctors to have hospital privileges, citing a U.S. Supreme Court ruling striking down similar restrictions in Texas, which deemed those laws unnecessary and unconstitutional.

“Missouri has not complied with that decision,” Sachs, of the Western District of Missouri in Kansas City, wrote.

Shortly afterward, Planned Parenthood expressed its intention to expand its abortion services in the state. On Monday, Planned Parenthood Great Plains announced plans to offer abortion services at two more clinics in Missouri, including its midtown Kansas City clinic, which now offers medication abortion services.

The Satanic Temple has often lent its muscle to pro-abortion efforts alongside Planned Parenthood, and in this case has pressured Missouri legislators and worked through the courts to bring about a relaxing of abortion restrictions, according to reports. One of the Temple’s fundamental tenets is that “One’s body is inviolable, subject to one’s own will alone.”

On Monday, the Satanic Temple argued in a Missouri court that the state’s abortion restrictions violate members’ rights to free religious practice. The organization challenged two Missouri laws: one that requires patients to look at anti-abortion literature and another that obliges them to wait 72 hours between their initial consultations and second appointments for their abortions.

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