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Planned Parenthood Doctor: ‘Men Can Get Pregnant’

A Planned Parenthood doctor affirmed at a Sept. 29 House hearing that men can get pregnant and have babies.

The hearing at House Oversight and Reform Committee was called by Democrats to examine the effects of abortion restrictions.

In response to a question from Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-Ga.) Dr. Bhavik Kumar, medical director for primary and trans care at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast said, “Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.”

His answer appeared to perplex Clyde as he repeated his question while emphasizing that he was referring to biological men.

“So are you saying that a biological female who identifies as a man and therefore becomes pregnant is, quote, a man? Is that what you’re saying?” Clyde reiterated.

Kumar dodged the lawmaker’s query, contending such questions are “really missing the point” at a hearing about abortion. Read more…

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