Planned Parenthood Has A New Financial Lifeline: Explicit Toys

Planned Parenthood is taking some serious hits within the states after a number of them have started to drop funding for the organization as a result of the sting videos from 2015.

What’s more, PP execs increasingly see the writing on the wall in terms of federal funding from Congress either being reduced or cut altogether in the not so distant future.

So, it’s time apparently for diversification, and the move they’re making reveals all we needed to know about the organization being in it for the money, not for so-called “women’s health.”

In a recent decision, organization heads have begun to peddle toys that are designed, um, for a very specific use.

So since they’re in the business of ending innocent lives at taxpayer expense, it’s really no big deal if they encourage a program of pleasure-for-profit.

Here’s more from Washington Times…

Supporters of Planned Parenthood are trying to boost the abortion giant’s shaky bottom line by selling sex toys, uterus-themed emojis and sex-positive wrapping paper.

The merchandise may be X-rated, but abortion opponents say it’s just another argument in favor of weaning Planned Parenthood off taxpayer funding.

“Planned Parenthood from the beginning has been the recipient of private charitable donations and foundation donations,” said Jay Richards, executive editor of conservative news website The Stream. “If you look at all of the corporate donations they have, it’s staggering. Even other nonprofits, like the Susan G. Komen foundation, which deals with breast cancer, give Planned Parenthood funding. And now, apparently, we have sex toy shops.”

Planned Parenthood received an outpouring of support after Republicans swept the 2016 elections and secured a coalition capable of defunding the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Among the abortion giant’s benefactors is Vibrant, a Denver-based adult toy shop that was established with the “sole mission” of supporting Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Items for sale include vibrators, dildos and rings priced anywhere from $20 to $220. One hundred percent of its proceeds go to the local Planned Parenthood chapter.

“Having a partner like Vibrant is critical to our future,” said Vicki Cowart, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, which advertises Vibrant’s line of toys on its social media accounts.

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