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Poisonous: Now They’re After the Charter Schools

The New York Post reported that the Biden administration’s Office of Elementary and Secondary Education slipped 13 pages of rules into the $1.5 trillion proposal to fund government agencies. The provisions would essentially block federal support to charter schools.

It appears the president is attempting to skew the process in favor of those who oppose charter schools. Instead of allowing two months to receive input, as is normal, the White House is allowing only one month to receive input on the proposed rules and has limited the comment process. The NY Post explained that “to ensure transparency, proposed new regulations are published in the Federal Register, with lengthy public-comment periods before rules are finalized.” These comment periods are intended to give “time for experts, interest groups and the public to offer input, making regulations both more legitimate and more realistic.”

There are several problematic elements in the rules the administration is suggesting. For starters, it recommends that charter schools wishing to receive federal funding “collaborate with at least one traditional public school” and “provide a letter from each partnering traditional public school or school district demonstrating a commitment to participate in the proposed charter-traditional collaboration.” Read more…

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