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Police Dep’ts Admit to Growing Recruitment Shortages

Police departments nationwide are having trouble conducting basic policing operations because of staffing shortages per a report by One American News. When he spoke before reporters on August 8, 2022, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell announced that his department is short-staffed by around 100 police officers. Lovell’s statement comes at a time when the city is experiencing a roughly 207% surge in homicides since 2019.

Some pundits argue that the current shortage in police staff is largely due to the demonization the profession has faced in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Calls to defund the police from the cultural Left have played a role in demoralizing this profession…

Gresham Police Sergeant Travis Garrison said the increase in violent crime and the officer shortage is making his department respond to fewer calls.

“So right now, because of the spike in violent crime, we’re only able to investigate murders,” he noted. “We’ll routinely respond to shootings, but if the person is going to survive, we are not going to follow up on that.”

…The US is beginning to go through an undeniable phase of institutional collapse, where basic public services such as law enforcement cannot be relied on to protect communities. Indeed, law enforcement is not perfect. In fact, rational individuals can levy justified criticism of the Uvalde Police Department’s pathetic response to a mass shooter. Read more…

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