Poll: A Third of Devoted Fans Ditch NFL, Not Coming Back

Since the NFL’s public feud with President Trump, it’s favorability ratings, viewership and ticket sales took a nosedive.

Then after losses in the millions, both in dollars and fans, they quietly began to pull back on the politically-correct stick in hopes of regaining some altitude.

But a new poll has demonstrated it’s too late to save the plane. According to the WG Sports Survey, almost one-third of devoted fans who watch an average of 14 games per year have bailed on the NFL.

What’s worse for Goodall and company is that they’re not coming back.

They’ve opted instead to watch college football, basketball or baseball.

With the NFL, Hollywood and Big Media scandals, Donald Trump’s populist revolution is being vindicated.

He couldn’t have asked for a better environment in which to ramp up for 2020.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

Nearly one-third of the National Football League’s best fans are blowing a whistle in disgust over the season of political protests, according to a new survey.

The WG Sports Survey, singling out fans who watch at least two football games a season, found that 32 percent have an “unfavorable” view of the game. Another 63 percent had a favorable view.

The shocking unfavorable number is twice as high as for any other team sports. Baseball’s unfavorable rating, for example, is just 6 percent, truly making it America’s Sport.

“The data shows when it comes to brand image, almost one third of the NFL’s potential fan base (those who watched at least 2 games) had an unfavorable view of the NFL. This contrasts with the fan bases of other sports which enjoy stronger, more favorable brand images. What was particularly interesting was looking at the contrast with college football which had 24 percent more favorables (and 23 percent less unfavorables) than the NFL among its potential fan base,” said the analysis from the Washington-based Winston Group.

Overall in the new poll provided to Secrets, the NFL recorded a remarkable plummet in its unfavorable rating from just 23 percent before the first kick off this year to 40 percent, the highest of any sport. It’s favorable rating dropped from 57 percent to 44 percent today.


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