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Pope Francis Endorses Latino Communists: “An Invisible Army”

‘You are, as I said in the letter I sent you last year, a veritable invisible army; you are a fundamental part of that humanity that fights for life against a system of death,’ Pope Francis told a number of openly professed Marxist groups in a video published on the Vatican News YouTube Channel.

A few weeks ago, the Lepanto Institute produced a report showing the direct connections the Vatican has with an international Communist organization called the World Social Forum. In that report, we provided indisputable evidence that Caritas Internationalis, the Vatican’s umbrella agency for about 160 Catholic aid and development organizations throughout the world, is a leading member of the International Council – the governing body – of the World Social Forum. We also proved that the World Social Forum provides a venue for blatantly Communist activity, promotes abortion, and is a major advocate for LGBT activism.

The thing is, the World Social Forum is a blatantly and thoroughly Communist entity that was created by local and international Communist organizations in 2001. One of the Communist organizations that helped launch the World Social Forum is called “Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra,” or MST – which means “Landless Rural Workers Movement.” And it just so happens that MST was featured in the Vatican’s recent video for the fourth annual World Meeting of Popular Movements. Read more…

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