Portland Antifa Rioters Set Precinct on Fire, Throw Road Signs at Cops

During the 87th night of violent antifa riots in Portland, rioters threw rocks, ceramic, paintballs, uprooted road signs, and a balloon filled with feces at cops near the North Precinct police station. They successfully lit the station’s awning on fire. After police finally put the fire out and cleared the area, rioters left a post-apocalyptic landscape in their wake.

A mob of more than 200 rioters, outfitted with armor, helmets, gas masks, black-bloc clothing, and shields, began the march at around 9:41 p.m. The antifa rioters marched to the North Precinct building, where rioters had previously attempted to burn down the station while trapping officers inside. As police blocked the streets, rioters lit a dumpster fire and pushed to toward the intersection. They also set a flatbed trailer up on its side as a shield.

“Almost immediately, from behind the shields and elsewhere, individuals began throwing chunks of ceramic, rocks, and glass bottles in the direction of the officers,” Portland Police reported. The rioters shined green lasers, capable of causing permanent eye damage, at officers’ eyes. They also chucked “at least one balloon filled with feces,” aiming to hit cops on the roof of the building.

Police declared the gathering unlawful at 10:29 p.m., urging rioters to disperse on pain of citation, arrest, and the use of agents like tear gas. Cops remained back for about 30 minutes, giving rioters a chance to withdraw voluntarily. They did not take it. Read more…

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