President Trump Honors 9/11 Victims, Pledges to Continue the Fight


Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

President Trump paid tribute on Monday to the victims and survivors of 9/11, telling Americans on the 16th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that his administration is committed to doing “whatever we must to keep our people safe.”

The president and first lady joined thousands of service members and families of 9/11 victims at the Pentagon, where hundreds of military personnel were killed after a hijacked plane crashed into the western side of the complex on Sept. 11, 2001.

“For the families with us on this anniversary, we know that not a single day goes by when you don’t think about the loved ones stolen from your life,” Trump said. “Today, our entire nation grieves with you and with every one of those 2,996 innocent souls who were murdered by terrorists 16 years ago.”

Trump combined his solemn remarks with a promise to protect Americans from future domestic terror attacks by “making plain to these savage killers that there is no dark corner beyond our reach, no sanctuary beyond our grass and nowhere to hide on this Earth.

“America does not bend,” the president told the crowd. “We do not waiver and we will never ever yield. So here at this memorial, with hearts both sad and determined, we honor every hero who keeps us free, and we pledge to fight together, to work together and to overcome together every enemy and obstacle in our path.”

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