President Trump Plans Military Action on Syria After Nerve Gas Attack

President Trump is facing an early test of his foreign affairs strength after the heinous nerve gas attack by the Assad regime in Syria against its own civilians. Yesterday he made clear the U.S. will respond with military action against Syria for the attack. It’s a bold declaration given that Russia is already publicly defending the Assad government over the attack. With an already strained relationship with Putin’s government, this may mark a turning point for U.S-Russian relations similar to Obama’s notorious ‘redline’ stance. The question is whether Trump will hold firm unlike Obama.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

President Donald Trump on Wednesday made it clear that he is planning some sort of action against Syria. Although he did not specify what kind of action, saying that he did not want to telegraph his plans, he did imply that military action is planned.

The change of mind was triggered by a horrific chemical nerve gas attack on Syrian civilians on Monday, indiscriminately killing dozens of people. The pictures of children being killed apparently particularly affected Trump. The nerve gas was delivered in bombs on warplanes, which could only have been warplanes from the regime of Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad. After the nerve gas attack, another missile attack struck the hospital where nerve gas attacks had been taken, effectively putting the hospital out of service. There was clearly an intent to kill as many people as possible, including women and children.

Syrian state media denied that that Syria was responsible:

The government of the Syrian Arab republic categorically denies the allegations and false accusations about the use of poisonous, chemical weapons by the Syrian Arab army in Khan Sheikhoun region against Syrian civilians who are besieged by the armed terrorist groups as human shields there, Syria also affirms that the Syrian army doesn’t possess any kind of chemical weapons and it has not used them and it won’t use them in the future.

The above statement contains known lies. Syria has provably used Sarin gas and chlorine gas in bombs in the past. No part of the above statement is credible, in view of the evidence. ARA News (Syria) and SANA (Damascus)

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