President Trump wishes overseas troops a Merry Christmas

The Trump administration has gone way out of its way to demonstrate to the troops that they can rest assured they’re part of a government that appreciates their service.

SecDef Mattis visited troops earlier this week and Vice President Mike Pence paid a surprise visit to servicemen and women in Afghanistan.

Then President Trump delivered a special message to the overseas troops wishing them a Merry Christmas and thanking them for their sacrifices.

The message came on the heels of a visit with wounded troops at Walter Reed Hospital last week.

Morale across the board in the military has notably increased in the months since Trump’s inauguration, which comes as absolutely no surprise.

Here’s more from the Blaze…

President Donald Trump wished a number of overseas troops a Merry Christmas via personal videoconference over the weekend. Fox News showed video of some of some of the messages this morning.

In the messages, President Trump expressed America’s thankfulness for the troops who are separated from their families for the holidays while protecting the country. He also offered praise to servicemen deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan for their work in fighting against ISIS and other extremist organizations.

A number of prominent administration members have personally visited members of the military this holiday season. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has spent the last several days visiting service members in Guantanamo Bay and also at several domestic military bases, according to IJ Review. Vice President Mike Pence also surprised troops in Afghanistan with a personal visit last week.

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