Pro-Trans School Shooter Gets Life in Prison

A former high school student was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Friday after being convicted on 46 counts, including murder. 20-year-old Devon Michael Erickson and accomplice Maya McKinney killed one student and wounded eight others when they opened fire inside a Colorado classroom. The pair allegedly targeted their “transphobic” classmates, according to McKinney.

Erickson and McKinney committed the murder less than a week before graduation at STEM School Highlands Ranch. The two opened fire from two different locations, randomly shooting students. One student, Kendrick Castillo, was killed after attempting to disarm the shooter after his gun momentarily jammed.

According to a student, Devon Erickson allegedly pulled out a gun and yelled, “nobody move”. Kendrick Castillo then jumped on him and was fatally shot in the chest. Erickson was then subdued and disarmed by two other students. McKinney told police while in custody that he had targeted three students who bullied him for being transgender, but that he also wanted to make every student suffer like he had, according to the Denver Post. Read more…

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