Professor ‘Suspended’ for Tweeting Texas Deserved Hurricane Harvey

Of course it comes as no surprise that liberals are compassionate so long as the object of the compassion is neither conservative nor Republican.

Because Texas is a conservative, historically Republican state, liberal sociology professor Ken Storey decided residents deserved to get hit with what is quickly becoming the greatest flood disaster in history via Hurricane Harvey.

Storey took to Twitter to drop this stupidity: “I don’t believe in instant Karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas. Hopefully this will realize the GOP doesn’t really care about them.”

Um, what?

Thankfully, administrators at the University of Tampa didn’t find the tweet very amusing and have ‘suspended’ Storey.

But, this is academia, so it’s probably just a PR stunt until everything blows over.

Stupid is as stupid does.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Disasters always bring out the best on the left. Hurricane Harvey is no exception to the rule.

On Sunday, an assistant professor at the University of Tampa named Ken Storey took to Twitter to impart his wit and wisdom upon anyone with internet access and a third grade reading level:


It’s juvenile, it demonstrates that academia does have an affirmative action program for guys who are emotionally stunted and have a mediocre IQ, it is cruel considering that people of all political stripes are pulling together in Texas right now to make things right. In short, this is definitely the kind of thing you’d expect a self-described liberal sociology professor to say about a county that gave Hillary Clinton 54% of their votes in 2016.

And it speaks volumes about the political climate at the University of Tampa, in particular, and higher education, in general, that he felt completely safe posting this on a public account where he identified himself as an employee of a university.

As could be expected, this got him a lot more attention than he ever dreamed possible. And the University of Tampa reacted by “suspending” Professor Storey. What that ends up meaning, I don’t know. He might be fired. Or he might just be drawing a vacation with pay before going back to spreading hate and stupidity.

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