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Professor: “White People Should Commit Suicide”

“White people should commit suicide as an ethical act,” says the top of a video presentation by professor Derek Hook at the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, college.

Professor of Psychology at Duquesne University Derek Hook, defends the quote “white people should commit suicide as an ethical act” as an “opportunity” to “castrate whiteness”…

“[T]he only (life) purpose for whites, specifically Afrikaners, is to await their death or to commit suicide, like the samurai falls on his short sword when he has fallen into disgrace,” Delport said, according to Radio Free South Africa.

“White supremacy could only be ended once whites are dead,” continued Delport, who also is white. “We should be prepared to die silently, without having children, so that white supremacy could come to an end at last.” Read more…

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