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Project Veritas is Taking CNN to Task

Project Veritas’s lead reporter, James Lalino, caught up with CNN’s Anderson Cooper in NYC on Saturday to ask him some questions. The interaction was short and unpleasant.

Lalino was trying to find out about what has happened with Charlie Chester, Cooper’s colleague and a technical director at CNN.

In the video, Lalino introduces himself and mentions that he follows Cooper’s show, but was wondering why there was no mention of Chester lately, and asked, “Was he fired, sir?”

Cooper replied acerbically, “When you’re a reporter, you gotta get quicker to the question. That’s my advice to you.”

Lalino pressed on. “Do you have a comment on that? Does the batphone ring? Do you answer?” referring to a segment of the Chester video where he describes a “batphone” in a back room.

“Or does Jeff Zucker [president of CNN] tell you how to report, sir?” asks Lalino as Cooper gets into the back of his chauffered car and speeds off.

Project Veritas recently performed a major exposé on Chester on Tuesday, in which Chester was caught on camera admitting that CNN was actively trying to help current president Joe Biden get elected, and working against then-president Donald Trump. Read more…

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