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Proof Biden Knows His Student Loan Bailout is Illegal

From the very moment President Joe Biden announced his unilateral “cancellation” of $10,000 per borrower in student loan debt, critics have blasted his plan as unfair, costly, and unconstitutional. In response, the White House has grasped at straws to try to justify it somehow having the authority to usurp Congress’s constitutional powers and spend money without legislation. But the president just tipped his hand – and revealed that he actually does know his plan is unlawful.

Here’s the backstory.

Whenever a major partisan proposal is unveiled these days, lawsuits quickly pop up to try to block it in court. But, when Biden announced his student loan bailout, a legal headache emerged. At first glance, it was hard to see who would be able to challenge the plan in court because of a legal doctrine known as “standing.” Read more…

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