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Public Schools Are the Best Advertising for Homeschooling

Chicago Public Schools (CPS), putting its woke credentials on full display, has mandated that institutions make restrooms ‘gender-neutral,’ thereby allowing students to relieve themselves in restrooms that align with their gender identity, and I’m guessing pronouns, too.

It’s almost as though CPS never heard the recent story about the boy who, allegedly dressed in a skirt, proceeded to rape a female classmate in a girls’ restroom at Stone Bridge High School in Ashburn, Virginia. The parents of the sexually assaulted girl said the now-charged teenager was “gender fluid” sparking backlash against the school’s policy that allows students to use the restrooms that match their gender identity. (That policy, however, was introduced after the assault.) Instead of coming clean about the incident, administrators quietly transferred the boy to another school, where he allegedly committed – surprise! – yet another sexual assault against a female. Read more…

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