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Putin a “Genius”? Germany Rearms to Face the Russian Bear

It was a special day in the German Bundestag. Never before has the parliament met on a Sunday. Ukrainian flags were hoisted on two sides of the Reichstag building. In the gallery, Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk followed Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s government statement and the ensuing debate. The lawmakers greeted Melnyk standing with long applause – with the exception of the far-right populist Alternative for Germany (AfD).

It was an emotional debate. The “unscrupulousness of Putin, the blatant injustice, the pain of the Ukrainians”, we are all affected by this, said Chancellor Scholz. On February 24, Russia had launched a “cold-blooded war of aggression” that was “inhumane and contrary to international law” and that marked a “turning point in the history of our continent”.

“It was Putin who chose this war, not the Russian people, so we must see clearly that this is Putin’s war,” the chancellor said. Read more…

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