Pyscho-Liberal Goes Ballistic On Trump Supporter, Cop Destroys Her

Liberals are apoplectic when the name of Donald Trump is uttered. They live in an alternate reality in which a President Trump simply cannot exist.

And when they attempt to reconcile that fact with their version of reality, it looks something like this.

Here’s more from DC Statesman:

police officer that did not go as she had planned.

She admits to driving past a man with a Trump sign in his yard, stopping, cursing him out, and flipping him off.

She then drives off. The man follows her to get pictures of her license plate.

The woman then posts the video starting where the cop is talking to the man. The woman tries to argue that flipping off the man is her First Amendment right.

But the cop isn’t having any of it. Things get wackier from there.

Watch the video:

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