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Railroaded: Georgia Men Guilty of Self-Defense on Ahmaud Arbery

The McMichaels claimed that they pursued Arbery in relation to a string of thefts and burglaries that were taking place in the neighborhood. Gregory McMichael had claimed to see Arbery casing a property weeks before and said he had to shine his headlights on him.

After Arbery was seen entering a construction site, the McMichaels and Bryan pursued Arbery in hopes of detaining him. Eventually, Travis McMichael exited his vehicle with a shotgun. Arbery attempted to grab the weapon and was shot and killed.

The McMichaels claimed self-defense and argued that Arbery was the aggressor, though unsuccessfully. Their case was built on a Georgia citizen’s arrest law.

Regardless of the trial verdict, the McMichaels and Bryan will be facing federal hate crime charges in November. Read more…

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