Rand Paul: Donald Trump May Not Run for Second Term

President Trump’s first year in office is far from over, but that’s not stopping speculation about a possible primary challenge in 2020.

Most of that speculation insists a ‘Never-Trumper’ like Gov. John Kasich or Sen. Ben Sasse would be just the sort of foil expected to mount a campaign.

But Sen. Rand Paul is cautioning that a potential primary in 2020 may not include Donald Trump at all.

In an interview with MSNBC this week, Paul suggested that Trump may grow tired of the tumult and/or could achieve enough in his first term to declare ‘mission accomplished’.

That might include one or two more appointments to the Supreme Court, a signature legislative win and a reduction of regulations and bureaucracy.

Though, he points out, that ultimately it wouldn’t be known until the end of year two or mid-three.

If he doesn’t, look for another blood-bath.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said on Sunday that he’s not sure if President Trump will seek re-election at this time.

Talking to MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt on Sunday, Paul was asked if a 2020 Republican primary was on the horizon. Paul said “no one can stop primaries from happening and there could well be a primary that happens,” but added that a Trump re-election attempts would have to be signaled for first.

Thing is, Paul isn’t sure — at least at the time — whether or not Trump is wanting a second term.

“Before you even get to that, you need to know, is President Trump running for reelection? I think you won’t know that until you get into sort of — second, third year of his presidency,” said Paul.

Paul said he doesn’t seem himself supporting anyone else but Trump at this time, noting that Trump has repealed regulations for the first time in 20 years, has a very conservative cabinet, and may get a couple more Supreme Court appointees out of his run.

“So I see the glass as half full. Doesn’t mean I agree with him on everything,” Paul said.

Paul said that one issue would tempt Paul away from Trump, should another candidate rise against him.

“You know, there would be people that — if we could end the Afghan war, that’s who I would support. But I don’t think that’s going to be an alternative to President Trump,” said Paul.

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