Recall of California Governor Newsom Imminent as Petition Approaches 1.5 Million Signatures

Gruesome Newsom

A recall election against California Governor Gavin Newsom is slated to occur, with recall organizers rapidly approaching the threshold of 1.5 million signatures required to trigger the election. Recall Gavin Newsom organizers reached 1.4 million signatures last week, and now have more than a month to get the 100,000 signatures they need for a recall. The signature window expires on March 17th, and organizers hope to receive 2 million signatures by that time.

Newsom has presided over governance of the state as quality of life declines to third-world standards, electric utilities collapse, wildfires torch the state, homelessness swells out of control, and the states incurs one of the worst outbreak of coronavirus in the nation.

Newsom has also attracted criticism for continuing his limousine liberal lifestyle as the state’s residents suffer, having been caught at a “masks off” party at the French Laundry restaurant in the Bay Area. Even liberals are sick of Newsom’s elite allegiances, with the state’s population growing at its slowest rate since the year 1900 during 2020. Read more…

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