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Recovering Trans Grooming Victims Are Speaking Out

A new film from The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network (CBCN) will highlight the harms of chemical and genital mutilation of gender dysphoric individuals and tell the stories of people who have “detransitioned” after living as a gender-confused individual…

The movie “is a documentary film that recounts the stories of three young women, who felt that their trauma and dysphoria would be fixed by trying to medically transition from female to male,” according to CBCN.

“In The Detransition Diaries, you will meet Helena, Cat, and Grace, who all came from different backgrounds but shared similar struggles,” the organization explains in the video description on YouTube.

Not wanting to live in this world as female, all began medical transition by taking testosterone and one went as far as having a double mastectomy. Each changed their names, their hair, their pronouns, thinking that this would help them and relieve them from their duress and suicidal ideations. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Read more…

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