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Recovering Trans Surgery Victim Endorses Florida’s Ban

A 17-year old who regrets undergoing gender “transitioning” testified Friday in favor of a Florida proposal to prohibit using Medicaid funds for “transgender” drugs and procedures.

Chloe Cole, who took puberty-blocking drugs from ages 13 to 16 and had her breasts removed at age 15, told how she suffered “irreversibl[e]” damage from her gender “transition” during a public hearing for the Florida Medicaid rule.

“I really didn’t understand all of the ramifications of any of the medical decisions that I was making,” said Cole. “I was unknowingly physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully.”

Cole explained to Laura Ingraham on Tuesday that she began experiencing gender dysphoria at the age of 12. When she told her parents she wanted to medically “transition” to a “boy,” they had her see a pediatric therapist. Read more…

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