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Red States Preparing to Ban Pro-Trans Child Mutilation

Republican state legislators are pushing back against the transgender movement with a wave of new bills targeting dangerous transgender procedures for children and unfair competition in women’s and girls sports.

Lawmakers filed the bills in at least 10 states, including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

In Kentucky, House Bill 253 would ban health care professionals from providing hormone blockers, transgender surgeries, or referrals for transgender procedures to gender dysphoric minors under 18 years old. The bill would categorize the practices as unprofessional conduct, subject to disciplinary action by medical boards.

Parents could also sue doctors for “actual or threatened” violations of the law, as could anybody who suffered a “gender transition” as a child. Other provisions include a ban on public funding for entities that provide transgender drugs or surgeries to minors. Read more…

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