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Remember This Leftist Lie? …Well It Just Got Busted.

The Daily Beast quietly retracted a headline about an alleged “Boogaloo” member after baselessly reporting that he had admitted to “posing as BLM supporter white shooting up Minneapolis cop station.”

24-year-old Ivan Harrison Hunter, of Boerne, Texas, admitted to firing 13 rounds from an “AK-47 style rifle” at the Third Precinct police building in Minneapolis during a BLM riot in May 2020. He pleaded guilty but court documents do not substantiate Daily Beast reporter Rachel Olding’s original claim that he admitted to a false flag operation.

The “boogaloo” movement is inaccurately described by many left-wing journalists and news sites as a white supremacist far-right group, but the Department of Homeland security has clarified that the movement are made up of “simply violent extremists from both ends of the ideological spectrum.” Indeed, the decentralized movement is made up of anarchist or libertarian anarchists who believe in accelerating the downfall of the U.S. government. Many boogaloo followers, known for wearing Hawaiian shirts, supported the BLM-Antifa riots and protests in 2020 by acting as armed security. Read more…

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