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Remember: Trans Extremists Are Still Predating on Children

The way we treat our most vulnerable has always been the mark of a civilized society and with our abortion and euthanasia laws it is obvious that we are anything but a civilized society. In fact, in today’s world, children are targeted with abuse.

Yes, children, and this should come as no surprise to us because we knew this was coming. I’m going to show you how teachers are trying to convince parents their toddlers are transsexual, schools are taking children to gay bars, and they are indoctrinating children into the woke agenda while actively concealing it from parents.

Let’s first go to Florida, where children from Wilton Manors Elementary School were recently taken on a field trip to a gay bar called Rosie’s Bar and Grill which features food and drink options with clear references to male genitalia. Read more…

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