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Renegade Teacher Explains How Wokeness Enslaves Children

When I read that a school system in Northern Virginia was giving children access to a graphic novel depicting explicit sexual acts between an adolescent and an older man, I wish I had been surprised. As part of my training to become a teacher I had to read a young adult fiction novel replete with sexuality, drug use, and vulgarity. In the public schools, our choice reading list featured several other titles in kind. At the fringe end of this discussion, porn literacy seminars for high schoolers have garnered endorsements from university programs.

Some may call me a scold, a prude, or an old-fashioned schoolmarm. I question in turn the wisdom of letting children anywhere near an adult that is so keen on teaching this content. Some may call it “censorship” when schools are made to remove such literature from their shelves. But then I ask: where do we draw the line? A school crafting a curriculum or setting limits on the content in its library is not tantamount to government-sanctioned censorship. It is the responsibility of loving adults to guide the interests of the children in their care. We used to call this wisdom. Or prudence. Or education. Read more…

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