Rep. Massie: 3D Gun Printing Renders Gun Control ‘Obsolete’

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has made political waves for his praise of Cody Wilson, who posted 3D printing designs for firearms online, for making “gun control obsolete.” The plastic print-at-home plans and resulting products have earned flak from the gun control lobby for the difficulty in regulating and detecting the production and carry of such firearms. “The liberals are apoplectic, and they should be. Let me tell you why. He just made gun control obsolete,” Massie said. “How are you going to stop somebody with a 3D printer from printing a gun? You can’t do it, and it’s awesome.” The Left is screaming mad, and for good reason. Gun printing technology threatens to set gun control back a century.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) praised Cody Wilson, who posted 3D printing designs for plastic handguns and other firearms online, for making “gun control obsolete” because the government has no way to stop someone from using a 3D printer to create a gun.

“He’s the guy that put the plans to print a gun for a 3D printer on the Internet and the State Department came in and shut him down. Now why did the State Department do it? Because there’s no law that outlaws the First Amendment – putting designs for a gun online. So, they had to try and find a law and contrive it to apply to him…. They accused him of exporting firearms or military firearms to hostile nations. They used the Arms Control Export Act to keep him from having things on his website, which is ridiculous, right?” Massie said during the recent Turning Point USA High School Leadership Summit.

“So this was a First Amendment issue and instead of complying, what did he do? He fought back, and he fought back and he fought back and just a couple weeks ago he won.

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