Report: Biden to Rule Out 2024 Run?

Can Biden Make it to 2024, and Do the Democrats Want Him to Run Again? Despite calling himself a “transitional candidate” during the 2020 presidential race, which was interpreted by many as a commitment to step aside for his running mate before the end of his first term, President Joe Biden has said that he plans to run again in 2024.

During an interview in December, President Biden also suggested that former President Donald Trump entering the race would increase the chances of him running again.

Answering questions about whether he would run again, President Biden told ABC News anchor David Muir, “yes – but look, I’m a greater respecter of fate. Fate has intervened in my life many, many times.”

..Will President Joe Biden make another run for president in 2024, or might he bow out and make way for someone younger? Read more…

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