Report: Deputy AG Rosenstein Renewed FBI Warrant

As we await the expected unveiling of the House’s FISA memo this week, another domino appears to be falling in the FBI collusion story.

Much of the controversy centers on what the FBI did or didn’t do in the run-up to the election and then ultimately in the months leading to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel.

But a new report from the NY Times (yep, seriously) argues that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein renewed the FISA warrant on Trump adviser Carter Page as late as last April, which was also based on the faux dossier.

As we’re certain the memo will reveal, everything hinges on that dossier.

And its genesis was entirely political and completely fabricated with Democrat money.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Shortly after taking office last April, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein renewed a secret surveillance warrant against former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, according to a four-page memo that could be released to the public this week.

The New York Times reports that the memo, which was compiled by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, states that Rosenstein signed off on a renewal for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant against Carter Page, a former Trump campaign adviser who features prominently in the infamous and unverified Steele dossier.

The memo, which has been the source of bipartisan squabbling over the past week, is said to allege that the Justice Department and FBI abused the FISA process to obtain the order against Page, a 46-year-old energy consultant who joined the Trump campaign in March 2016.

U.S. officials reportedly cited the infamous Russia dossier in a FISA warrant taken out against Page in September 2016, just after he left the Trump campaign. According to various reports about the classified memo, the DOJ and FBI did not fully disclose the origins of the dossier and the fact that it was financed by Democrats.

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