Report: Deputy AG Threatened Retaliation Against Rep. Nunes

Fox News’ political analyst Gregg Jarrett has dropped yet another bombshell on the FBI, as if the agency isn’t already in hot water.

Jarrett reported on Friday that a ‘highly reliable’ source within in Congress says Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threatened House Committee Chair Devin Nunes and committee members with retaliation if they released the memo.

Specifically he warned he’d ‘subpoena the texts and emails of Congress’ because he’s ‘tired of dealing with the Intelligence Committee’.

Since then a second source has confirmed the threat.

This clearly constitutes abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

Here’s more from Hot Air…

Fox News’ political analyst Gregg Jarrett announced on Sean Hannity’s show last night that “a congressional source” had told him Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein threatened to retaliate against Rep. Devin Nunes, author of the controversial memo released this week. Here’s the brief announcement which came as Hannity was closing out a segment:


This morning, Jarrett tweeted about the topic, adding that a 2nd source had now confirmed the claim:

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