Report: FBI May Open Investigation into Planned Parenthood

For ten months President Trump has been pressing AG Sessions via Twitter and through surrogates get into the game and do his job.

Now the sleeping giant looks to finally have awakened.

In addition to the report by the DOJ that the FBI is considering a second special counsel to investigate Hillary, the FBI is reportedly also looking into a potentially formal investigation into Planned Parenthood.

Recall the undercover videos two years ago by Center for Medical Progress which exposed multiple PP centers in the illegal sale of fetal tissue and parts for research.

Of course, the Obama DOJ wouldn’t touch the issue with a ten-foot pole, but things have changed.

Should the investigation move forward, Congress may finally find enough backbone to yank the half-billion taxpayer dollars it gives them every year.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

The FBI signaled this week agents may be investigating whether Planned Parenthood’s dealings in fetal tissue were legal.

Sources told The Hill the FBI has requested documents from the Senate Judiciary Committee obtained from the committee’s investigation into Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue dealings. The investigation came after the Center for Medical Progress published a series of explosive videos in 2015 revealing the abortion giant was harvesting and distributing aborted baby parts for researchers.

CMP alleges Planned Parenthood was illegally profiting from the exchange of limbs and organs, and the House and Senate launched investigations into the non-profit’s practice. Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley referred Planned Parenthood to the FBI at the conclusion of that investigation, saying his committee found evidence indicating the group was profiting.

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