Report: Hillary Gearing Up for Major Role in 2018

She’s the gift that keeps on giving. Hillary Clinton just can’t help needing to be in the limelight, regardless of who it hurts.

Despite her rock-bottom polling numbers — far lower than President Trump’s — according to friends, she’s making preparations to be involved in the 2018 midterm elections on behalf of Democrat efforts to take back Congress.

With the Uranium One investigation and constantly unfolding details about collusion between the FBI and Hillary’s campaign, this is music to Republican ears.

A president’s party generally suffers losses in any midterm election, but Hillary’s role could prove to be the one exception.

We won’t be surprised to see more than a few red-state Democrats giving Hillary the Heisman.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, having spent much of 2017 in the spotlight relitigating the 2016 election, is reportedly mulling a role in the 2018 midterms — a move that is far from clear that it would help Democrats in swing states.
The Hill reports that, despite his low favorability numbers, Clinton confidants have spoken to Clinton in recent months about a 2018 role, and the former secretary of state is considering her options.

“She’s the human personification of what the split in the country is,” said one Clinton friend, according to the Hill. “And look, she understands what that means and what that means for her. She’s very attuned to what’s going on. She’s not confused about it. She has some people pulling on her to be involved and others who are saying, ‘maybe not.’”

An entrance from Clinton is a risky move for Democrats, not just due to her polarizing influence but also due to the lingering questions over her conduct as secretary of state. The 2010 Uranium Deal, which Clinton’s State Department approved and which sent 20 percent of U.S. uranium to a Russian energy giant, is being re-examined by the Justice Department after revelations about Russian bribery.

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