Report: Obama for America Was Also Paying Fusion GPS

If you’ve been attempting to follow both the Russia dossier story and the Uranium One scandal and are getting either confused, dizzy, or both, you’re in good company.

Following the lines of connection between all the political hacks, money, players, and elected officials is like trying to track the noodles in a large plate of spaghetti.

But one thing, according to The Federalist, has become plainly clear: Barack Obama, via his eponymously narcissistic organization Obama for America, was funneling lots of cash to Fusion GPS through a Democrat law firm.

You’ll recall Fusion is the firm hired by Hillary’s campaign to create the Russia dossier on Trump.

That same law firm is also the one who represented Hillary advisor and PAC boss John Podesta during his congressional testimony.

The bottom line is the conspiracy to build a ‘Russia collusion’ story goes all the way to the top.

Here’s more from Redstate…

We already know that the DNC and the Hillary campaign, through the law firm of Perkins Coie, directed huge sums of money to Fusion GPS for what they are calling “opposition research” in 2016; that’s established. But that’s not the whole story.

Fusion, of course, is the research firm that hired former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, who compiled the infamous dossier known variously as the Steele Dossier or the Trump Dossier.

This isn’t exactly easy to follow, but stick with me here. Or more accurately, stick with Sean Davis, who at the Federalist has compiled a great deal of research to draw the lines today. Which are not, as I mentioned, especially easy to follow.

First, the money. From Federalist:

Since April of 2016, Obama For America (OFA) has paid over $972,000 to Perkins Coie, records filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show.

For clarity and comparison, here are the numbers for the rest of them:

Federal records show that Hillary Clinton’s official campaign organization, Hillary For America, paid just under $5.1 million to Perkins Coie in 2016. The DNC paid nearly $5.4 million to the law firm in 2016.

You’ll recognize the name Perkins Coie as that of the law firm where Marc Elias works. Elias, who sat next to John Podesta as he testified (questionably) before the Senate committee. The testimony where Podesta claimed to have no knowledge of any relationship with Fusion GPS. Marc Elias, seated beside him, was literally the person giving Fusion the money. On behalf of the DNC and the Clinton campaign.

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