Report: Obama Holdovers Are Funneling US Arms to Iranian Militants

One of the side benefits of the overwhelming success the Trump administration has shown in combatting ISIS is that it’s serving to further highlight the abject failure of the Obama administration to move the needle.

But what’s even more damning are recent reports that have surfaced showing the level of ineptitude with which Obama managed the fight.

According to unnamed officials at the Pentagon, Obama employed a program of arming Iran-Shia radicals in hopes of essentially ensuring a ‘pox on both your houses’ strategy in the Middle East in which all radicals would be too busy killing each other to bother with the U.S.

Because, you know, that’s never failed before.

But the reports go on to point out that Obama officials still entrenched in the federal leviathan both knew that U.S. arms were falling into the wrong hands and that they are being used against us and/or our allies.

And here’s the worst part: the reports suggest the arms are still being funneled to Iranian radicals and might even be a part of the growing conflict with Saudi Arabia.

It’s proof positive the enemy of our enemy is still an enemy.

Here’s more from The Blaze…

A new report from the Washington Free Beacon alleges that a substantial amount of United States military equipment has found its way into the hands of Iranian militant groups, with the tacit approval of the U.S. government.

The report, which is based on interviews with current and former U.S.  government officials, alleges that the military has turned a blind eye to the fact that large quantities of military equipment that was earmarked for use by Iraqi militias in the fight against the Islamic State has fallen into the hands of militant Shiite Iranian groups.

These Shia groups have been involved in the fight against pro-Sunni ISIS because of sectarian intra-Islam conflict in the Middle East. Intelligence analysts who spoke with TheBlaze said that U.S. policy under the Obama administration was to encourage Iranian influence in the region in the hopes that the Shia/Sunni sectarian conflict would lead the Iranian militant groups to provide a counterweight to the Islamic State in Iraq.

However, due to the concern that pro-Iran Shia elements might overwhelm Iraq in the event of the Islamic State’s defeat, the United States adopted strict policies designed to blacklist certain Shia groups from receiving any U.S. military equipment.

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