Report: Students Told to “Apologize For White Skin”

At the end of her statement, Duncan Lane apologizes to students for the “inexcusable horrors within our shared history.”

“This is injustice. I am and will continue to work on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism within myself that is the reality and history of white people,” Duncan Lane writes in the syllabus. “I want to be better: Every day. I will transform: Every day. This work terrifies me: Every day. I invite my white students to join me on this journey. And to my students of color: I apologize for the inexcusable horrors within our shared history,” the instructor continued…

Campus Reform spoke with another student who request[ed] anonymity.

“It hurts that someone says I was born with “innate racism” because of my skin color,” the student said. “[It] makes me feel like I should hide and worry about everything I say.” Read more…

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