Report: Trump ‘Furious’ With Conway for Romney Attacks

On the eve of an announcement of Trump’s pick for Secretary of State reports are surfacing that Donald Trump is ‘furious’ with Kellyanne Conway for her attacks via Twitter on Mitt Romney.

Does that indicate where Trump is leaning? Is he already being protective of his presumed pick for the high profile cabinet post?

Here’s more from Newsmax:

President-elect Donald Trump is “furious” with senior adviser Kellyanne Conway for speaking out against considering 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney for secretary of state, MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” reported Monday.

Further, sources “at the top of the Trump transition team” confirmed to New York Times political reporter Jeremy Peters that she “went rogue” at Trump’s expense,  “Morning Joe” reported.

“Kellyanne went rogue at Donald Trump’s expense at the worst possible time, a source familiar with Trump’s thinking said,” Peters reported. A top Trump aide was “baffled” by Conway’s comments. The source suggested it feeds into a growing concern inside the campaign that “instead of driving Donald Trump’s message she’s pushing her own agenda.”

Another top transition aide called her comments “dangerous,” said Peters. “Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus have reportedly been growing frustrated by Kellyanne Conway’s failure to become a team player in a transition process where the top players are forming a tight knit group around the president-elect.”

Conway texted the show to complain that the coverage of her comments was “sexist” and that Trump “wants me by his side.”

“[She said] she can have any job she wants,” said host Joe Scarborough, who first reported that Trump was “furious.”

“I’m not sure how that reporting is sexist because those were sources at the top of the campaign,” Scarborough added. “Is she suggesting that people inside the campaign … Donald Trump, according to people at the top of the campaign closest to Donald Trump, are saying he was furious and certainly he would not approve somebody saying that they betrayed their supporters. Is this sexist?”

On Sunday, Conway, told CNN’s “State of the Union” that it is not known “if Mitt Romney voted for Donald Trump,” and that she’s “all for party unity, but I’m not sure we have to pay for that with the secretary of state position.”

Conway, Peters reported, suggests that Romney would preside over something of a “rogue agency” — a feeling shared by others in the Trump camp.

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