Report: Trump Still Communicating with Flynn, Plans to Rehire Him

As if there weren’t already enough controversy surrounding the White House this month, a new report claims President Trump is planning to bring estranged former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn back on staff.

A source inside the White House says Trump feels horribly for how everything went down for Flynn, who is loyal to the President, and he wants to be sure he comes back on staff after the investigation clears his name.

That staffer also says they’re warning Trump not to make that move under any circumstances.

Will he take the advice?

Here’s more from Redstate…

The Daily Beast took a deep dive into the relationship between Donald Trump and his short-lived National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. According to the Beast, Trump pressured Flynn into taking the job; Flynn had preferred a job in the intelligence world, possibly at the CIA. Part of Flynn’s reluctance to take the NSA role was because, as he had alerted Trump, he was under investigation for lobbying work he had done for a foreign government.

“He did not want to be national security adviser,” Michael Ledeen, a friend of the retired Army general, told The Daily Beast on Thursday. “He didn’t want to be in the government. He wanted to go back to private life.”

“But Trump insisted on it,” said historian Ledeen, co-author of Flynn’s 2016 book The Field of Fight, their manifesto for defeating Islamic militancy. “He likes him, he trusted him, he was comfortable with him,” he said.

The Beast also reports that Trump remains loyal to Flynn, has kept in communication with his former aide, and even would like to re-hire Flynn once the investigation into his lobbying is completed.

“Trump feels really, really, really bad about firing him, and he genuinely thinks if the investigation is over Flynn can come back,” said one White House official.

One former FBI official and a second government official said Trump thought he owed Flynn for how things ended up and was determined to clear Flynn’s name and bring him back to the White House.

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