Report: Trump to Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funding

The federal fight over abortion may be heating up very quickly on the Hill.

While everyone is waiting with baited breath to learn whether Justice Kennedy will retire, congressional conservatives have been pressing the Trump administration to use an executive order to ban taxpayer dollars going to Planned Parenthood (which amount to half a billion of them).

And reports say they’re getting a green light.

Though such a decision would likely end up with a court injunction and a fight all the way to the Supremes, it would almost certainly ignite the issue for the November election and force Democrats to defend Planned Parenthood…which is a losing prospect.

We’ll keep you posted.

Here’s more from the Hill…

The Trump administration may take action to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood as a result of pressure from congressional Republicans and anti-abortion lobbyists.

Opponents of abortion have launched an all-out campaign urging the administration to bring back Reagan-era abortion restrictions on federal family planning dollars that would target Planned Parenthood.

The regulations would ban organizations that receive family planning dollars under the Title X Family Planning Program, which funds organizations providing services like birth control to low-income women and men, from promoting abortion or referring patients for abortions.

Former President Reagan first issued the regulations, which Democrats describe as a “domestic gag rule,” in 1988. They also require a physical and financial separation of Title X funding recipients from abortion providers.

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