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Report: US “Sleepwalking” into Nuclear Crisis

The United States and the D.C. “warmonger” establishment is “sleepwalking” the country into a war with Russia by its potential intercession in the affairs of Ukraine, a Russian policy expert told Fox News on Tuesday.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson implicated media figures in what he said was cheering on a potential conflict with a rival nation that has a 4,000-strong nuclear weapons arsenal.

Carlson criticized Joe Scarborough, who recently claimed on MSNBC that the United States must be “aggressive” in defense of Ukraine as an American ally.

“Despite what you hear, we have to defend our Democratic allies,” Scarborough said. “It is time for the Biden White House to start speaking more clearly and more aggressively, and telling us how they are going to stop this invasion from happening.” Read more…

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