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Republican Wins Shock Victory in New York City

“Exploding crime rates. Riots. Lawlessness. It’s clear our elected officials have lost control of this city.”

Thus says the campaign website for Whitestone Republican Club President and now City Councilwoman Vickie Paladino, a no nonsense Republican who was elected to city council in November’s city elections, filling a seat previously held by Democrat Tony Avella. In yet another recent loss for Democrats, District 19 in Queens went red.

Tony Avella was a staple of Democrat politics in New York City, serving as an aide to both Mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins. Like establishment politicians of both parties, Avella refused to take his challenger seriously. He represented the establishment of the liberal Democrat party, of which leftist mayor and destroyer of NYC Bill DeBlasio belonged to.

This win was a victory for the grassroots movement in the GOP. Vickie Paladino is an outsider. According to her campaign website she “has been a proud resident of this district for 66 years and a small business owner.” Read more…

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