Republicans Are Preparing for the Immigration Wars with the Biden

I know there’s a populist uprising on Wall Street and the liberal media decided to report that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s COVID body bag piles were higher than projected. This coming after Andy said incompetent government was to blame for unnecessary COVID deaths. The man forced nursing homes in the Empire State to accept COVID-positive patients. I’d say that’s incompetent, but so is Democratic city councils and other governing bodies permitting illegal aliens to have sanctuary from federal law enforcement.

The reasoning behind these sanctuary laws is ridiculous. The Left pitched that this could help fight crime, as illegals would be more willing to provide witness testimony to felonies without fear of deportation. Of course, it’s been abused because Democrats want it to be abused. Criminal aliens roam free, committing murder and mayhem as they please — and Democrats endorse it. It doesn’t matter that American citizens commit crime at more frequent rates or whatever pivot liberals hurl into the media cycle to distract us from the horrid rapes and murders these illegals commit. The fact is these heinous crimes wouldn’t have happened if people who shouldn’t have been here remained thanks to liberal immigration policies. Read more…

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