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Republicans Vote to End Biden’s ‘War on Energy’

The House of Representatives voted Thursday to reverse the Biden administration’s energy policies that Republicans say are eroding U.S. energy security and raising prices for consumers – and picked up support from a small number of Democrats, even though President Biden has said he would veto the bill.

The Lower Energy Costs Act passed 225-204 in a vote that saw four Democrats side with Republicans, and one Republican vote against it. The bill – which attacks everything from Biden’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline to restrictions on oil and gas development to proposed bans on gas stoves- also saw dozens of Democrats support GOP amendments as the bill was being considered.

Late Wednesday, 29 Democrats voted for an amendment aimed at banning Biden’s Department of Energy from imposing heavy new restrictions on gas stoves. Another amendment requiring a study on how banning gas stoves might raise electricity prices won the support of 48 Democrats. Read more…

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