Retrial? BLM Infiltrated Chauvin Jury

The latest infiltration-and-lie attempt by BLM (Burn Loot and Murder) might come full circle, as it has been revealed that a juror in the trial of Officer Derek Chauvin had lied to the court prior to his being placed on the jury, say that he did not attend anti-police protests. Photos came to light showing otherwise, and to make things worse, this man publicly advocated for BLM activists to infiltrate juries to “spark some change.” Well, as it regards the verdict, change is what he might get.

Derek Chauvin’s attorney on Tuesday filed a motion to request a new trial, citing jury misconduct, just two days after it was revealed BLM activist Brandon Mitchell lied about never attending a protest about “police use of force or police brutality” in order to get on the jury.

As I reported Monday, Brandon Mitchell, 31, was able to make it onto the Derek Chauvin jury after he checked “no” when asked if he or anyone close to him had “participated in protests about police use of force or police brutality.”

After a photo surfaced of him attending an anti-police brutality protest in Washington, DC in August 2020 headed by members of George Floyd’s family, Mitchell admitted he attended the event.

Lying on said questionnaire is a crime.

During a media publicity blitz last week, Mitchell encouraged others to serve on juries “to try to spark some change.” Read more…

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