Revealed: Biden Advisers’ Deep Ties To Chinese Communist Party Military And Propaganda

The National Pulse can reveal the center has hosted cybersecurity working groups alongside Chinese Communist Party government and military officials, despite China’s repeated poaching and hacking of U.S. technology: The working group in Cambridge brought together 20 representatives including former government and military officials, as well as tech, business, and academic professionals to discuss current issues in the bilateral cyber relationship.

The group roleplayed “fictitious cyber scenarios” and discussed sensitive technology matters relating to artificial intelligence, Huawei, arms control frameworks, and more: Both sides worked through a fictitious cyber scenario to discuss what their respective governments and companies would do in the face of a third party cyber attack on critical infrastructure. The working group also discussed AI, IP theft, supply chain security and Huawei, arms control frameworks, and controlling the spread of malware over the dark web.

The conference is held alongside the China Institute for International Strategic Studies (CIISS), which boasts participation from Chinese Communist Party “political figures, diplomats, military scholars, economists, public figures and academicians.”

The Beijing-based group’s leadership is entirely comprised of former Chinese Communist Party officials, often high-level, or former leadership of Chinese government-run bodies. Similarly, every member of the group’s academic committee has either worked directly for the Chinese Communist Party or a state-run organization. Read more…

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