Revealed: Donald Trump’s List for Potential Cabinet Members

Now that Donald Trump is officially the President-Elect, all eyes are on who he’ll surround himself with in his cabinet picks.

After all, personnel is policy and he’ll need to make some strong selections to convince voters that he really wants to serve as president.

And now a list of potential cabinet members is beginning to surface.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Chief of staff
According to CBS News, that spot could go to Priebus. The RNC chairman is responsible for running the get-out-the-vote operation that aided the Trump campaign in securing the White House. Asked about the possibility by NBC, Priebus said, “I hadn’t thought about it.”

Secretary of state
This spot, once held by Trump’s Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, may go to Gingrich or Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, who is currently the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Secretary of defense
Sessions, a close advisor to Trump, is a front-runner for this slot. The Alabama senator was one of the billionaire businessman’s earliest congressional supporters and helped lead the charge for his controversial immigration proposals.

Other considerations, according to Politico, include former National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley, former Missouri Sen. Jim Talent and retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, though he would need a waiver from Congress to assume the role of secretary of defense, given current law mandates retired military officers take a seven-year hiatus before assuming control of the Pentagon as a civilian.

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